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Application framework for Python, features include:

  • Pain-free multi-level command menu: Expose public class methods as commands available to user.
  • Simple to define services and automatic dependency injection based on name (with custom invocation as an option). *WIP
  • INI-style config and and validation (provided through ConfigObj).
  • Colored logging (provided through colorlog)
  • Works on Linux, Windows, and Mac.


  • Lend to creating beautiful, easy to read and understand code in the application.
  • Minimize coupling of applications to this framework.
  • Compatable with Linux, Windows, and Mac. Try to be compatible as possible otherwise.
  • Try to be compatible with alternate Python runtimes such as PyPy and older python environments. *WIP

Application Configuration

Site configurations are supported through ConfigObj. There is a config.spec in the src directory which is a validation file; it contains the accepted parameter names, types, and limits for configurable options in the application which is built on app_skellington. The format is multi-level .ini syntax.

Reference the ConfigObj documentation for config.ini and config.spec format. See:

Config files (config.ini) are created if they don't exist. The file always contains the full specification of parameters; i.e. even default parameters are added into the config file.







Application configuration can be overridden ad-hoc through the --config argument.

Debug - Turn on Logging

Set 'APPSKELLINGTON_ENABLE_LOGGING' environment variable to any value which turns on AppSkellington-level logging. For example,





Tests are a WIP. Recommendation is to run 'pytest' in the 'tests' directory.


I'm releasing this software under one of the most permissive licenses, the MIT software license. This applies to this source repository and all files within it. Alternatively, you are permitted you to use any of this under the GPL to the fullest legal extent allowed.


See official website: https://zavage-software.com Please report bugs, improvements, or feedback!